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Our mission at ''Playa Tulum Condos'’ is to assist you to find best real estate option in the Riviera Maya. More than 30 years in the area allows us to select the most legally solid and important projects for you, and guide you to take the best decision within a wide range of different developments.

Great service and client satisfaction has been the difference for our friends and clients and keeps us in business as leaders in the Mexican Caribbean since 30 years.



What do our customers think?

"Evelyn is one of the best advisors I've ever met, I knew all about the annual property ROI that we liked"

Andrew & Jessica Stone

"Tabata is the best, it gave us a lot of security from the beginning until we made the purchase of our apartment in Playa del Carmen, I recommend it 100%".

Nina Douglas

"Working with Veronica was a very pleasant experience, she gave us all the necessary information about the developments that interested us."

Mark Smith

"Osvelia is a very professional consultant at all times, she got us the best offer to buy our apartment in Playa del Carmen.

Alexander Molkova

"Geraldine gave us a lot of confidence because she knows everything very well, Puerto Aventuras enchanted us from the beginning and she presented us with the best option within our budget.

Patrick Leroy

Veronica Jhonson

"Tabata is excellent, she treated us with a good attitude, gave us the tour to Tulum and always informed us with the property we had chosen"


Why invest in the Riviera Maya?

Visit our blog to know all the reasons why investing in the Riviera Maya is one of the best options in the Country.


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